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The podcast which involves four people, wine, & a big colourful wheel of conversation. Fun & laughter all the way. You can email us: studio@isnotradio.com. Instagram & Twitter: @IsNotRadio

January 30, 2017

S01E01 - The beginning of ’something’

In our first episode: We spin our Big Wheel of Conversation for the first time. Daniel (the host) explains why he thinks horoscopes are nonsense, Natalie makes a confession, Steven gives details of the ultimate breakfast, and Stephan explains why he is banned from a world class department store in London. All fun and laughter on IsNotRadio.

Show Notes
  • 0:00


  • 4:15

    Parental mistakes that you’ve tried to cover up

  • 13:45

    Ethical dilemmas

  • 32:00

    The ultimate breakfast

  • 52:00

    Star signs


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