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The podcast which involves four people, wine, & a big colourful wheel of conversation. Fun & laughter all the way. You can email us: studio@isnotradio.com. Instagram & Twitter: @IsNotRadio

May 15, 2017

S01E06 - #HowMuchAnimalDoYouWantInYourMouth? #Blessed

In what can only be described as the biggest episode ever, we are joined by Jess who realises the quandary of trying to go fully vegetarian. We have a live studio audience in the form of our friend Phil who came all the way from Canada to be on our podcast (he really did!). Natalie admits she has gotten a bit too close to her favourite band (for their comfort), and Steven gets very excited when Daniel presents the team with an agenda.

Show Notes
  • 0:00


  • 2:20

    Phil spins the wheel and does ‘a Ben’.  The subject is an ethical dilemma.

  • 18:50

    Jess spins the wheel and we talk about morning alarms.

  • 32:00

    Daniel gives the wheel of conversation a spin and it lands on ‘interesting proposals’.

  • 50:30

    Daniel confesses and embarrassing situation involving David Tennant.


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